Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The art of Jiu Jitsu has its roots in both Japanese Judo and Japanese JuJutsu. Having gained popularity in the US over the last twenty years, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or BJJ, is a martial art focused primarily on the ground techniques used when two competitors or combatants end up on the ground. Statistics tell us that over 90% of fights (think school yard or unprovoked incidents) end up on the ground. Well, what then? BJJ teaches us how to deal with that situation and more. We learn to protect ourselves while also rendering our opponent incapable of continued harm. At the JitPit we will learn both the practical and competitive approaches to BJJ.


The sport of Judo also comes to us from Japan. One of the Olympic sports, Judo is basically the art of the takedown. Judo translates into “The Gentle Way.” It involves body movement, leverage, and various holds to throw an opponent or otherwise bring them to the ground. Our selections for age and ability level judo techniques taught across our classes are based on our in-depth knowledge of the sport, aligning to what will be accessible, safe, and student-demonstrable. Our Judo repertoire will extend to the beginning student who wishes to use these techniques to protect themselves, all the way to the Judo tournament entrant who wishes a high competitive competence.


MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is defined in its own name. Literally, this is the art of combining all martial arts into the most effective techniques for use in self-defense or competition. At the JitPit, we combine striking with BJJ, wrestling, judo, and more in the goal of becoming a complete student of martial arts. From time to time, we will incorporate basic striking into our classes. For the new students and those focused solely on their BJJ, you will see hints of MMA in no-gi techniques and striking. However, for those students who wish to compete in MMA, we offer a full variety of upper-echelon and cross-style coaching to help better prepare for an event.

Ladies Only

It can be daunting for women and girls to enter the world of martial arts. At the JitPit we understand, which is why we have created a class for women only. As fathers, husbands, and once beginners ourselves, we want to empower women and girls to develop and grow in this sport, increasing confidence in the process. These classes are developed with females’ needs in mind, such as learning personal protection skills and increasing fitness levels. It is our desire for women who might not be comfortable starting out in a mixed gender environment to begin in the women’s only classes, developing skills and techniques before moving on to the adult classes. Additionally, this is an excellent opportunity for mothers and daughters to begin martial arts together, forging stronger bonds in the process. It is our desire to create a safe space, where inclusion and diversity are valued, and all our students feel supported.


At the JitPit, we strive to create an environment where young people feel supported while developing self-confidence. As that confidence grows, assertiveness and initiative increase, allowing kids to stand up for themselves and others. It is our mission to foster a family-like atmosphere where our students feel included and develop pride in themselves through their accomplishments on the mat. At the JitPit, we offer comprehensive and engaging programs for children of all ages. Here, they can cross-train and develop skills that carry over to other sports as well, forging better, more well-rounded athletes. While increasing attentiveness and self-discipline, they will learn technique—all while having fun and developing character that will carry into adulthood. The supportive JitPit staff are excellent role models who coach future leaders on and off the mat.

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